Photography Tips

How I shot a Sue Bryce style backlit photo in my living room

Last week I had my friend come over to play with the idea of shooting from a home studio.  This is something I’ve considered since we’ve lived here, but until I went full time photog last month (no more safety net corporate job) I didn’t really think it was possible. Up until last week, I’d…

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How to cut your wedding image culling in more than half


I shot a wedding last night and came home with 3 full cards and over 2500 images to cull.  Last week during a really great Creative Live class called “From Shoot Through Photo Editing: Wedding Portrait Retouch in Lightroom and Photoshop“, the instructor used a program called Photo Mechanic to cull his images.  I had…

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How to make Sue Bryce style foam core boards

If you have ever wondered if the Sue Bryce style “v-flats” or foam core backdrops are worth making, I can say Yes, Yes, 100 times Yes. A few warnings – those insulation boards are bigger than they look. They’re super cheap and you can find them in the building section of any Lowes or Home…

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