It's funny, really, I never thought of myself as a "Creative" - I went to business school and had a safe, corporate job and did Excel sheets every day.  But the other side of me was seriously aching to come out.  I had my first SLR (yes, that's not a DSLR, it's before they were digital) when I was 21 and I took a class at the local community college and all of a sudden, something came alive.  I still have the first picture that I ever made from start to finish.  It still has the recipe for the developer on the back.

Fast forward 20 years and I've given myself permission finally to use this incredible gift.  The gift to capture something special about someone.  The gift of letting them see themselves, maybe for the first time ever, as beautiful and unique.

One of the main things that being a professional photographer has shown me is that we're all a bit funny looking - even the people that you would call classically beautiful.  We're all quirky, but that, in itself is what makes us truly beautiful.   I have the privilege of slipping into people's lives for sometime just an hour and showing them something about themselves that needs to be seen.  It's magical actually.

I've had so many people see a picture of themselves after a shoot and they're blown away by what they see and I always say that my camera isn't magic.  It's really actually quite scientific, but what's happened is we were able to together show the real person.  And that my friends, is better than a safe, corporate job any old day.

Michele Tully