Summer Camp Wedding

My husband and I have spent about 10 years in youth ministry and have sent 100s of kids to summer camp.   One of the camps that we have had the opportunity to work with is up near Lake Arrowhead and since they don’t officially host weddings, I’m going to keep the name secret.  But I can tell you that I have a soft spot for not only the camp but the entire staff.

So when the program director called me and said that his wedding photographer was no longer available, I was more than happy to step in.  Andrew and Nichole met at camp, fell in love at camp and it only made sense for them to tie the knot at camp.

A couple of weeks before the wedding my 6 year old daughter and I drove up from the desert to do a quick venue walk through.  Even though I had been to the camp many times as a counselor, I’d never looked at it through the eyes of a wedding photographer.  While we were there, my car broke down and we ended up spending the night in a cabin.  My daughter thought it was the best thing ever.  I was a little less excited, but did get a chance to spend some extra time with my kiddo, which during wedding season is something that I treasure.

The day of the wedding, they had guests at camp until after 2pm and the wedding started at 5.  It was really cool to see so many of the camp team transform the site to a gorgeous wedding venue in record time.  I loved that you still knew that you were at a camp, but it felt so beautiful and classy as well.

One of the most lovely things about their wedding was that Andrew asked Nichole’s kids for their blessing during the ceremony.  Her daughter is 100% personality and when Andrew started to tear up she threw her arm around his neck.  It was awesome!  There where so many beautiful, emotional moments to the day from the bride and groom choosing to switch the traditional garter/bouquet tosses to praying over the single guests to the incredible light from the forest as the perfect backdrop.   It was a gorgeous day!

Bride and groom praying over single guests





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