Ruthie and Spencer Are Having a Baby

I met Ruthie at church.  She and her husband had just moved from the desert of Tuscon to the desert of La Quinta.  She was pregnant and we connected on some marketing and social media lingo while she was on a tour of our church.  My husband and I lead a behind the scenes tour there once a month and have met some really cool people.  We chatted briefly about setting up a maternity shoot and said we’d connect later.  Somehow a month passed and we finally got the shoot on the books.  What an incredible story they have.  She was told she wouldn’t be able to have kids and here she was, all glorious in her round belly self.  We had decided to do the shoot at a local golf course that her husband works at.  One that normally doesn’t allow photo shoots, but since he’s one of the golf pros, we were able to get on the course.  We’ve had a lot of rain lately and wow, what a gorgeous place to shoot.  I swear there were a couple of spots that didn’t even look like they were in the desert.


I convinced her to do a sweet boudoir style shoot in addition to the outdoor one and although most of those images are for her husband only, I can share some of them here as well.She’s also wearing a necklace from Noonday Collection from Uganda.  As we were talking that day, she mentioned that she had lived in Africa when she was younger and I had the necklace in my car.  I love how the simple piece of jewelry connects her to her past.  Here’s a link the other one she’s wearing in the bubble gum shots.

She’s a gorgeous preggo and I’m excited to call her my new friend.



  1. Amanda Cody on March 28, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    You two are the cutest, the dogs are a close second! Love you both and can’t wait to meet little Oakley Anne Cody.

  2. McKensie on March 28, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    OMG. The last two are so perfectly you. I’m so glad Oakley will see the goofy side of her momma! They are all so unbelievably stunning!!!

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