Pioneertown Wedding

Part 2 of the love story I began in the engagement session of this lovely couple. The day began on yucca valley at the America’s best suites.  We packed as many people as possible into 2 hotel rooms.



The groom and his groomsmen are military men, so they were more than used to shaving around each other’s bodies.  It always impresses me how on a wedding day, people can share a space like that.  As someone with slight claustrophobia, I always feel like getting those shots are important since it shows such a sense of community and family.

The makeup artist was a friend of the bride and shared so many tips with all of us.  I feel like maybe wearing false eyelashes everyday isn’t the weirdest thing anymore haha.


Sam is not a huge makeup girl everyday and I loved when she first saw herself.  The girl is gorgeous as it is, but it’s always fun to see a bride in full makeup before any other piece is done.

Do you dig that makeup cape her aunt brought for her?

Sam wanted some time with just her mom while she got dressed.  That’s always one of the most emotional times of the day.  It feels like a passing of the torch.





We headed right around the corner to St Mary’s of the Valley for a ceremony full of family and tradition.


We then whisked the bridal party up to the famous Pappy & Harriet’s in the heart of Pioneertown.  Side note, if you live in the Coachella Valley, take a day trip up to Pioneertown!  It’s like a trip back in time.  Pretty awesome and Sundays they have a free Show Down show – like Knott’s Berry Farm but way closer.

What a fun group!  As you can tell, getting them to show some personality was like pulling teeth.  😉


And of course some time with just the new husband and wife…



The bride’s family lives up in the rocks about Pioneertown and the party was ready for us when we all arrived.  Check out those views.


And from that point on, it was a really great party that went on until late in the night, under the stars, with music and friends and laughter and lots of Cumbia!





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  1. Linda on February 21, 2017 at 9:07 am

    what a beautiful wedding , love her wedding dress !

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