How to not write a blog post

So I can talk to pretty much anyone, but as soon as the words need to be on a screen or a piece of paper, I freeze.  What is that that makes the words stall?  Why do my words all of a sudden no longer have weight?  Or maybe it’s too much weight since they can’t blow away like a spoken sentence?

Here’s what I’ve tried so far today to finish up a blog post on a wedding from last Summer.

  1. Power through
  2. Scrubbed my sink
  3. Walked the dog for 20 min
  4. Organized my daughter’s playroom
  5. Swiffered my daughter’s playroom
  6. Started a load of dishes
  7. Sat on the couch and listened to a some of Jenn and Brian Johnson’s new CD 
  8. Put away all of the shoes in the house – why are there always shoes around the house??
  9. Set up my kitchen calendar for February
  10. Took my midday BioCleanse
  11. Ordered the Dauntless necklace with my gift card.
  12. Brushed my dog (haven’t brushed my teeth yet though)
  13. Finished my coffee
  14. Found some cuticle cream – my fingers have really not enjoyed the desert air these last few weeks
  15. Admired my new plant

So basically, everything but write the blog post.

What’s your secret when you need to do something but can’t seem to?



  1. Roxanne Daddow Glassman on February 2, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    First off, you did it! You wrote! Even in your list of “things you did”, your voice and humor is present.
    Just write.
    Don’t begin by deciding where you want your words to go.
    Just write.
    Write like you are talking with a friend.
    Let your words ramble from thought to thought.
    You can pick and choose or tighten things up later.
    Just write.
    Write about things you know, feel, and wonder about.
    Pretend you can’t wait to tell someone your thoughts.
    Just write.
    Truly believe your thoughts matter.
    No one experienced that summer wedding day exactly like you.

    • micheletully on February 2, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      Words of wisdom from my 6th grade teacher. Thank you. You’re right, I do have a voice.

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