A Dancer in the Studio

One morning I woke and just felt like I needed to capture the movement of a dancer.  I reached out through Facebook and was connected to Corey.  I had never met her and she had never met me but she agreed to let me come take some pictures.

We met at Starlight Dance early before any classes and got to work.


I asked her just to pretend like I wasn’t there and to just go ahead and do what she would normally do.  I had a chance to see a side of dance that I didn’t even think about – like stretching or the special half socks that dancers wear.



She was working on the choreography of one of the studio’s dancers and just working through it and I simply sat in the corner.


The light was quite perfect and once I showed her a couple of back-of-the-camera peeks, she was able to just dance.  It was pretty magical actually.  Watching a dancer create is a lot like watching a painter paint or a musician create a new piece.  As a photographer, I have the privilage of being able to see and understand both sides.

Thank you Corey!


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