Pioneertown Engagement

I followed the groom up into the mountains beyond Yucca Valley and onto a dirt road that kept getting thinner and thinner.  It was so bumpy that my van was shaking and rattling.  More than once, I had to pause to remind myself that they had already paid the deposit, so bringing me out to the desert to dump my body really didn’t make any sense.  #forrealsthough

Once we made it to the bride’s house, I was absolutely blown away.  We were tucked back in the mountains, surrounded by boulders the size of my car and Joshua trees for as far as the eye could see.  A long dirt driveway led to an old metal gate and the roundabout drive had a cluster of Joshuas in the middle and a little wooden bench.


They had met in High School and after they started spending time with each other’s families, they realized that it was real.  For their first date, he brought a table, chairs and torches out to the desert so that they could have dinner under the stars.


You know when you meet a couple and they just seem to speak each other’s language.  There’s an ease, a comfort, a respect – that is Luis and Samantha.

While Samantha finished getting ready, Luis shared the plans for the space.  There would be thousands of twinkle lights strung from posts to trees and back.  A DJ was coming to build them a dance floor and there would be two large tents in case of rain.  It very rarely rains in the desert, but the stars do always shine bright.  A wedding under the stars with twinkle lights, boulder sunsets and sparklers.  I can’t wait.


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