Jake & Bev Elope During Coachella Fest

They called me because they had decided to cancel their big Fullerton wedding.  They realized that it just wasn’t “them” but they’d already spent their whole budget and they weren’t telling their family.  They were coming to town for a quick vacation and wanted to get married then.  Just them…and me…and a 15 minute ceremony.

They came out between the two weekends of the Coachella Festival – a time when getting a room or a reservation is pretty much impossible.  But somehow they ended up in an almost deserted resort with perfect weather and nary a photobomber in view.

We had complete run of the place and I got to be the official witness.  We had the hammock garden and the pool completely to ourselves.  This was more them than a big fancy wedding.  Bev looked radiant in a simple sun dress style wedding dress and Jake was the essence of cool in flip flops and Ray Bans.

They had invited their friends out for the vacation without telling them that it was actually going to be a wedding and after the ceremony and pictures were done, they broke the news as their friends walked up with overnight bags.  It was perfect.


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